Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tristan is psychic

he told me so in the store yesterday.

John and I ran into Old Navy with the boys yesterday and this is the conversation I had...

Tristan: Hey Mommy, I know how to read your mind

Me: Oh really.... interesting, what am I thinking then?

Tristan: about kissing Daddy....

(rolling my eyes) Me: Wow Tristan, you're good, I was JUST getting ready to give Daddy a kiss...

Good lord that child. He has the most random things come out of his mouth lol.

Sore Throat and Mucus and Snot.. OH MY!

I HATE being sick!!!

Jacob, John and I are ALL sick. Tristan has been lucky so far, though I did hear him cough a bit this morning.

I took Jacob to the doc the other day and he has an ear infection that he is on antibiotics for. Doc said my ears look fine, but they don't feel fine. My ears are so plugged up, my sinuses are clogged and everything else involved in a nasty cold. I didn't even know mucus CAME in those colors !?!?!?! And they say colds are biologically beneficial? Fooey on those doctors!

My face feels like it weighs a million pounds... everything from the neck up just aches and hurts. I couldn't even hardly sleep last night because my throat hurts so insanely bad. Hurt to breathe, hurt to swallow, it just stung!

Ok enough of my complaining.... have a nice day :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wrestling Tournament

Tristan kicked bootie!

He did so good!! He won the first round but not the second. But he doesn't know that lol... I think alot of the younger kids had a tough time following ha ha. But that's ok, he tried so hard and really fought to win the rounds. He was going up against a kid thats been wrestling alot longer and was super good. I was surprised how hard he pushed himself to get through. You could really tell he was getting tired but he just kept on going.. I was super impressed with my big boy.

Here are some of the pics from tonight :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Potato Farm

This was Tristan's first Field Trip for school !!

We went to the Potato Farm. The plan was for all of us to go but Jacob got so sick that John decided to stay home with him and I went with Tristan on the Field Trip along with the class. A few other parents went and of course the teachers.

We left from the school about a half hour after school started... right about 9:30am. The farm wasn't far from the school so it was just a quick 10 minutes or so but Tristan thought it was AWESOME! He loved riding that bus with all of his friends. The parents couldn't ride the bus so we all just followed behind in our own cars to the farm.

First they took us through the area where they store and clean and bag the potatoes so show the kids how it was done. The guys working there were SO great with the kids... I was willing to bet they had small kids of their own. Then after our tour through that area, we took another short ride out to the field, where all of the kids were able to learn to pick the potatoes themselves! It was so cool! We each got a bag similar to a 10 lb bag you'd see at the grocery store. And we each got to fill out bag AND take it with us home!!! So between Tristan and I we got two FULL bags of potatoes to bring home and keep.

It was so neat to sit and pick the potatoes with Tristan too.... neat little bonding time for me and him.

Then it was time to go back to the farm for our lunch, well that is until the bus got stuck in the mud, ha ha! Such a long story in itself, but we'll leave it that the area has been rained on a bazillion times and I could barely get through some of the mud and water puddled areas with my 4WD on my truck. So we got the kids off the bus, took a nice walk and everyone ate. 2 hours later the bus was unstuck and we all got back to school!

It was a fantastic day.... there are a couple pictures below. A friend of mine I have made, whose son is also in Tristan's class took some pics, but I don't have them yet. I'll post them when I get them from her :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Friends!

I am so lucky!! I have the greatest friends in the world I think.

Today was my birthday and I had a ton of stuff to do with it being a weekday and John had to work and so I didn't have anything really "planned" for a birthday celebration.

Well one of my best girlfriends Danica called me the other day and put together a little gathering for me with some of my closest friends up here at her house. She ordered pizza and we all had our kids there. All of the kids played and we just visited. It was awesome, completely perfect. I needed to relax and kick back and it was so nice to do that.

She gave me the most beautiful ring too. It's call a "soul catcher" ring. And the explanation that came with it reads "The Soul Catcher is represented by a two headed wolf with a hole to capture a person's soul. Traditionally the soul catcher was a tube with a wolf head carved on each end. The Shaman wore this hanging from his neck. In healing ceremonies, the Shaman would use the soul catcher to capture a person's soul to protect it while they were healed."

I LOVE IT! It's basically a good health idea in the ring and its amazing!

So thank you to all of my friends for always being there for me, the ones who live around me here and the ones everywhere else. I love you all!

Here are some pictures of my ring ...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Wrestlers

So we signed the boys up for a little "Wrestling Camp" this week. It was originally only for Tristan but I found out Jacob could go too so I figured why not?

Tonight was the first night and its only for this week, every night from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

It started out really good. We signed them up, they each got a wrestling t shirt to wear, they are so cute!! Then they all went into the high school gym room to get started. Then the head highschool coach walks in, blows his whistle, and starts talking. That whistle sure got the kids attention! So everyone in the entire room is quiet listening to the coach. There were a ton of kids and adults in there .... and then the first "special moment" of the night..... my sweet boy, Jacob, who always loves to be the center of attenion yells out "I'm 4 (while holding up his four fingers) and I'm big" ! So as any good mother does, I duck my head and start laughing uncontrollably. And then it just keeps going. Every few minutes Jacob is popping off some comment or sentence that has NOTHING to do with wrestling or anything they are doing. I was DYING laughing... thanking my lucky stars that nobody really knew whose child he was , ha ha ha!!

So then they started their exercies and both boys did awesome. Tristan was really into it, he wasn't missing a thing, he loved watching the highschool boys teaching and really was into it! He thought those highschool boys were so cool!

There was a part of the exercises where they did laps around the gym which went really well, then they skipped laps, then they went to summersalts and backward summersalts.... well Jacob decided he didnt want to do the summersalts so while all of the other children are on their hands and knees twirling right over, MY sweet child is just running his butt off all the way around the gym. Oh my gosh it was funny.... he was running so hard, so I just kept cheering him on. ha ha ha.

Then they went to the actual wrestling portion. Jacob was NOT interesting after he got knocked down once. Tristan kicked BUTT!! He did so well. He almost won every time even though he was going up against kids who have done this before. It was awesome, I was cheering for him and screaming his name and he was glowing, it was so cool!!!

See the pics below. I forgot my camera at home so these are from my cell phone, sorry they aren't the greatest!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why did I decide to join the gym again?

So today was my first session. It look a little longer than usual because they had to teach me the machines and all. Holy crap! I was NOT ready for what I was about to experience. I way more out of shape than I could have ever imagined.

The ladies that work there are really great and super nice. But during workout time, no nonsense chicks. She kicked my BUTT! However, she mentally forced me to keep going when I could have at any time said "forget this" and walked out. I was hurting during the workouts so bad... it was truly painful. I feel fine now but I know I will feel it in a few days, if not sooner. Just during the workout I didn't feel like I could do one more rep, it was awful.

The way Curves works is there are about 10-12 machines for different types of workouts put in a circle, and inbetween each one is a a little mat for jog in place type things. So the machines go arm workout machine, mat, leg workout machine, mat and so on. So in between each machine theres a mat to ease the pain a bit but to stay steady. I was loving that "down time". You do each machine and mat time for only 30 seconds... but I'm telling you what, that 30 seconds seemed like an hour on some machines. And for the workout you go around the circle twice.... its insane!

I hope tomorrow's a bit easier, but I doubt it..... this better be worth it lololol :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hair do's...

I know Ana will be able to agree with me on this post lol.

Now I know my hair is not "normal", and I'd never have it any other way. I like the funky hair cuts, I love the funky hair do's. I just do.... short, long whatever works.

But I must've forgotten I like in small town Alaska where most things are "normal". For the most part all I get is people staring at my hair but not really saying much about it. I do get compliments on it, though usually from unlikely sources lol. I had a lady in Walmart who was probably close to 90 years old tell me she loved my hair.

Well yesterday when I was taking Tristan to school I was walking down the hallway and some kids said to his friend "Oh man , look at that girls hair" and it was loud lol. I just laughed. Then when I went to pick him up..... there were some teenagers there probably picking up a little sister or brother and one of the guys said "wow your hair is rad.......... I can only get mine to do that first thing in the morning after I wake up"........he said it funny, not mean at all. I just laughed.

I've heard the skunk joke about my hair too, becuase I have the blonde stripe down the center lol. I think I've heard them all.........

I just love seeing people's reactions, its so funny!

Well I finally did it!

I joined a gym.... Curves is the one I chose. It's geared for women and will be much more comfortable for me I think.

I've been wanting to take off weight for quite a long time and would take a few lbs off here and there but then would get side tracked or lazy etc. So I figured if I paid for the gym membership I would go. It's literally right around the corner from our house and with John home in the morning I have NO excuse for not going. Plus its only a 30 minutes workout. Curves does their program a little different than most.

So when I signed up this morning, they weighed and measured me and then every month I go back to re weigh and re measure myself to see my progress. I'm super excited!! And we figured in order to get to where I want to be, what I was before children I have 26 lbs and 26 inches to lose....

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall has arrived!

How can it be fall already?

We, up here in Alaska, got JIPPED this year. We had no summer. Maybe a few days that hit 70 degrees if we were lucky, MAYBE a couple degrees higher. I kept hoping that maybe summer was just coming a little late, maybe it would sneak up on us and give us some really good days!!

But denial isn't working for me.... the trees everywhere turning yellow, orange and red, my backyard looking as if we are snowing leaves. I believe it's fall, I'm not happy about it though. Oh and not to mention the termination dust (a.k.a. snow on the tips of the mountains) that has graced us this week.

WHY OH WHY!!! I DO love the look of fall here, I really do, I just wasn't quite ready for it yet.

Growing up my adult life in Vegas... there is no fall lol. There is no "changing of the seasons", there is either scauld your hands on your steering wheel hot, or get freezing wind burn cold. If there is an inbetween "nice weather" day, its just that a day or two maybe. It doesn't last. So to actually see the seperate seasons since we've lived here IS a treat and really fun to see it all happen. So I am spoiled in alot of way to live here, and to raise my boys here.

But I'm still bitter about our crappy summer :( ha ha ha

Hair Products...


For some reason lately I have gotten into the hair product discussion with quite a few people, so I figured I would post about the ones I use.

Since I have NO hair, it takes some product, actually quite a bit, to get my hair the way I like it and to make it stand straight up lol. Along with the products in the picture below I use a flat iron too ha ha ha. Now I don't use every single product every single day but I use at LEAST 3 of them at a time.

I am like the "too much product" post child I think.

My name is Erin and I'm addicted to hair products...... how about you? What products to you use and love? Any you could suggest? (like I need any more)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

MRI Update...

The MRI came back normal, so no tumors. I do have cysts in my sinuses which I had heard before and I am going to the doctor on Monday to discuss the scans in more detail. But for now, all is well.... now we just gotta figure out what the twitching/tingling is.

Here are some of my brain pics :) Cool huh?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How does this happen so early?????

Tristan did this in Kindergarten today... (pay attention to the last statement)

From now on, NOBODY is allowed to tease him about girls lololol........ because THIS is what happens....... it's too early to worry about girls !!

PS. Thanks especially to Mr. Clayton for the artistry at the bottom.... because I needed a visual apparantly ha ha!

MRI or Torture Device?

The Tube of Terror

I'm not quite sure which one it was they used on me today.

I thought I had had an MRI before.... I was wrong, because there is NO way on God's Green Earth I would've forgotten that experience.

As I walked into the MRI room I realize how small of an area I'll be laying in. They might as well just push me into a morgue locker box. And that beautiful cylinder that is pushed down over your head..... are the spaces in the "MRI Helmet" there to make you feel "comfortable?". Yeah RIGHT!

I was SO not even going to watch any of it happen. So I laid down on the table and just shut my eyes. Saying to myself "if I pretend it's not here, it doesn't exist" lol.

Now I was also under the impression that MRI's were quick......... Ummmmm HELLOOOOO Its 2008!!!! Not sure anyone told the MRI machine the rest of the world does everything FAST. Oh NO SIR, I was in that thing for an hour and a half trying to convince myself that sliding out on my own or thrashing around "may" interupt the testing process. Then there were the lovely, comforting sounds of the MRI machine. Which included sounds that, in my best description, variated from a jackhammer to bad techno music. AGAIN, its 2008! There is no QUIET way to take a picture of my brain?

GEEZ....... hello medical field, your next project...... FIX THAT DANG MRI!

I finally got to a point, this is pretty sick, that I actually fell asleep during parts of the MRI. I guess after years with screaming boys in my house, I can sleep through just about anything.

The gentleman warned me I may get a headache, NOOOO REALLY ?!?!?! Someone jackhammers right next to your head and you get a headache? Go figure!

So for the last ohhhhhhhhhhhh 6 hours or so I've been battling the lovely headache.

I have NO results yet.... I'll probably hear tomorrow. I was sent home with the images on CD but I'm nowhere near brave enough to pull that up and look at them. I'll find something that doesn't look right to me.... the person who knows the least about reading results and I'll freak myself out. NO thanks! I'll wait for doc to call and THEN look :) And possibly share with everyone!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Long time no blog....

Sorry guys..... I haven't blogged in what seems like forever! There isn't too too much going on around here, just the normal day to day.

I just wanted to write a quick post and ask for some prayers. I have an MRI in the morning that I am really not looking forward to along with a few other tests in the next couple weeks. I've had some issues with tingling and twitching in my face and some mild dizzy spells so we're doing some testing to figure out whats going on and praying its nothing serious.

Thanks in advance guys :)

Love you all!