Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some prayers for our family please...

I have a request to send out via blog because that's how everyone keeps up on us.

Jacob has to have a minor surgery on Wednesday. He has a spot on his tongue we've been watching and the oral surgeon has decided we need to remove it and biopsy it. It's a very quick procedure, doc said maybe 5 minutes start to finish. He will be knocked out, it is taking place at the local hospital.
I know this is probably very minor to some people but for me, its been very haunting. The thought of the whole process, to be very honest, is giving me anxiety. I will be totally fine around Jacob but once they have him, there are NO guarantees I won't be running around the hospital like a crazy woman (ha ha).
In all seriousness, please pray for his safety during the surgery and selfishly for my own ability to hand him over to people I don't know. Anyone who knows me knows how difficult this will be for me to hand him over and semi trust these people to care for him.
I will update on Wednesday afternoon as soon as we get home and settled. Or I will have someone else come on my blog and update for me if I can't get on.

Thanks Everyone!