Monday, March 14, 2011

Worst blogger EVER!!

Oh my gosh! I'm like the worst blogger on the face of the earth!
I promise I'll get back into this...
There has been so much going on. We've been insane busy. My health has been top priority and hopefully once that all blows over, I'll be back in my routine.
I am getting surgery this Friday for my gallbladder, to have it removed. I'm completely terrified (to say the least). I've NEVER had surgery of any type, ever! So the thought of going under and not waking up has been top in my head. It's awful and I know I shouldn't think like that, but I can't help it. It's a huge fear of mine.
I also will be traveling to Vegas at the end of April/early May to have spine surgery on my neck.
I am excited to have all of this behind me and move on with my life with hopefully less pain. I am hopeful that these two things will just make a huge difference in how I feel day to day. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I will make it through surgery this Friday (and in May) with flying colors and for peace in my own head about it.

Hope you all are having a great 2011 so far!!!


Rhonda Otero said...

Yay! U bogged! Lol don't worry everything will go smooth and u WILL wake up...I will def have u on my mind and in my prayers! Xoxo