Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of catching up to do!!

We've just been so busy lately, constantly on the go!

Around here we've been having amazing weather, sooo warm and beautiful so we have been outside as much as we can.

On 4th of July weekend we drove down to the Wildlife Conservation Center to see the animals and take some friends that have never been there. Then we had a BBQ and hung out with friends ON the 4th of July, and THEN took a day to go fish. I guess typing all of that out really doesn't do it justice, it wore me out! lol.

Also the other day I took the boys over to my girlfriends house who lives on a lake and we spent the day there swimming in 72 degree water, jet skiing, tubing and the like. Now of course I put sunscreen on, and still got burnt... really bad :)
The boys had SOOO much fun, Tristan couldn't get enough of that water, he is such a little fish. They have a floating doc off their property and he was just jumping in the lake and swimming over to the dock, he also took no time jumping on the seadoo with Kim and having her race him around the lake, he had a blast. I'm surprised he hasn't asked me and John to buy a house on the lake yet lol. Jacob on the other hand took a little time getting used to the water... but he stayed close for most of the time. And the time he was in the water he held onto the ladder on the doc. He did get brave near the end of the day and was swimming out in the water more.

Then my last bit of fun news is that Brooke and Nathan are in town so we've been having a great time hanging out with them! The boys are just enjoying the heck out of eachother (except when they bicker like brothers) and playing their little hearts out! Brooke invited me to go to dinner with her and her work friends the other night out to Girdwood to this amazingly wondering restaurant with the best food I've had in a while. Well lucky for me she drank a few glasses of wine and I got to drive us home in the car shes borrowing from a friend (a great little Audi sportcar CONVERTABLE) .... There's nothing like driving down the coast in a convertable... awesome!

Enjoy a million pictures here!