Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Eyeball Appointment Today

I don't know WHY I planned this the day after I got back, sometimes I don't think things through lol.

So I went for the Graves eye thing because my eye bulges off and on.
Doc said.....
I have a mild case of Opthalmopathy/Orbitopathey (Graves Eye Disease) but that its mild right now and really nothing to do about it quite yet. He offered to do the decompression surgery but I'm not quite ready for surgery, in my own head, I don't want to get it until I absolutely need it. He said it was a good thing I quit smoking 3.5 years ago because smoking could have made it quite a bit worse. He wants me to start wearing my glasses instead of my contacts because it can worsen things (not sure how I feel about that one yet). Ummmm, oh I have to see a Glaucoma Specialist because I have Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Transillumination Defects which can cause Glaucoma, I already have the beginning signs of it so we are pursueing that part also.

Thats about it for now. No surgery yet, or meds yet. Just watching for changes and using lots of drops and wearing my glasses more. He also mentioned keep my head really elevated at night while I sleep becasue that can help drain the fluid better so the pressure doesn't build at much during the night.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas...

Phew! What a busy two weeks!

Tomorrow morning I leave to go back home to Alaska. My plane takes off at a very early 7am.

I have had a wonderful two weeks! Lots of laughing, dancing, catching up, getting tattooed, visiting with old friends, enjoying mommy time, missing babies (so much) and lots more to talk about.

I did everything I wanted to do on this vacation plus some extras. I will make a big long informative post once I get home and settled. But for now I will say that I laughed til I damn near choked and wet my pants, danced til my legs were about to fall off, roller skated with some kids who probably were looking at me thinking "who's THAT old hag", saw friends I hadn't seen in 10 years or more and missed my boys til I sobbed. This vacation encompassed every emotion I think there is available and I couldn't have wished for more, it was awesome!

I miss my babies and my sweet hubby more than words can say and I cannot WAIT to come running down the stairs of the airport (hopefully without falling) and grab them all and hug and kiss them 2 weeks worth!

Here's a head start of some photos from the vacation of a lifetime with the friends and family I miss dearly and hold close to my heart.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Vegas Time

Ok, so I leave tomorrow morning!
This really snuck up on me! Aren't vacation supposed to take forever?

I think that I'm more nervous about leaving the boys that I'm willing to admit to though. I've been very edgey and sensitive (YES more than usual) lately. Tristan's two bottom teeth have been loose for quite some time. One of them is getting moreso and my guess is it won't be long til it's gone. Well after putting them to bed last night, I hear this awful scream from Tristan's room, he must've have hired a banshee for effect because there is no way that noise came out of his mouth. Dramatic much? Well it seems he thought his tooth was falling out right then, not even close. So I calmed him down, told him its ok that it falls out, its supposed to and he'll be fine. But then I came downstairs and ended up in tears. The ONE time I decide to go and leave, something like this happens, something important and something I'm probably going to miss, and it stinks!

I suppose John is the better parent to deal with it though, I don't have the stomach to look at him wiggle that tooth one more time I don't think. I'm wayyyyyyy too wimpy!

Anyway, I will try to blog while in Vegas but no guarantees :)

Have a great next two weeks everyone if I don't blog before then!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kids Everywhere...

I have been a babysitting maniac lately! ha ha

It's been so much fun for the boys. On Tuesday night I had Ashton and Isaiah over for the night and they boys thought it was the best thing in the world that they spent the night. Then on Wednesday, Ashton and Isaiah weren't being picked up til about 3:30pm - 4:00pm and I had Wyatt coming over about 3:00pm - 3:30pm so for about a half hour I had 5 boys here and me.... way outnumbered there lol. And the boys ages are 1, 2, 3, 3 (almost 4), and 5. Needlesstosay, it was very noisy :) But they all had a blast!

On Friday night and Saturday night I will have Ashton and Isaiah over again so the boys are very excited about that. They want another "sleepover".
Between doctors appointments, babysitting, running errands, sleeping etc. John and I haven't seen much of eachother lately. We pass by and yell hi as we run by lol, things have just been so hectic around here.

It's almost the weekend..... have a great one !

5 1/2 days til Vegas :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy, busy, busy....

I have been crazy busy lately!

I had doctors appointments, helping friends move, shopping, running errands etc etc etc to do before I leave for Vegas.

Only 9 days left til my Mommy Vacation. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I absolutely HATE flying and doing it alone for the first time in many years I am so scared of that. I don't mind once we are in the air and everyting but take off for me, ends up in a complete panic attack sometimes. I hate it!

I know those 9 days are going to fly by too, I had a doctors appointment for Cubby this morning for his allergies. Come to find out he is allergic to dust mites (barely). They did the poke/scratch test on him and he did react to any of the other stuff. And he did fantastic, the test didn't phase him at all.

Then tomorrow I have an appointment for me at 8am and another at 1:30pm, both in Anchorage of course. And on Wednesday Tristan has school and I am babysitting in the evening. Thursday I'm going to my girlfriend Brenda's new place to set up some of the stuff she moved in. I think Friday may be my only "free" day. The weekend will be busy as with Monday and Tuesday and I still have to find time to pack!!!

Happy Monday Everybody!