Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a weekend!!

We had a fabulous weekend!!

Friday was my birthday... and for my birthday what did I do you ask? I went caselot commissary grocery shopping! LOL. Thats right, don't be jealous.
I did pretty good. They didn't really have a good "system" here for it; it was just kind of a clustered mess! Everyone walking everywhere. So between that and the heat (it was outside), being alone and trying to lift things, having to continuously say "oh excuse me, can I squeeze by you and grab that" and leaving my purse in the cart... I was done! I grabbed what I thought would be most beneficial and BOUNCED outta that place!
My cart was insanely heavy and I'm sure if someone had a hidden camera on me trying to push it through the tents and then into the store (which is across the parking lot entrance) it would've been fairly amusing to the viewers.
Here are a couple pics. Now mind you, I picked up a few more things in the store as well.

Then the night of my birthday we were lazy around the house, ordered pizza, didn't do much of anything! Saturday we had plans to go to the zoo and feed the birds that I love so much. But early Saturday morning John got a call from work that he had to go in for a bit. Oh well, me and the boys packed up and went anyway. I turned out to be a hot nasty day, 110 degrees is not fun for walking around the zoo. So we got a chance to feed the birds twice, walked around a little, had some lunch and left. We met John back at home, relaxed a little, we were all tired from the heat.
Me and the boys ready for the zoo!

We decided to go to Black Angus for dinner, gosh I love that place. The food was delicious!! After that we went down to a play called "Westgate" here in Arizona. It has a bunch of shops and kiosks, lots of shopping to be done there! LOL
While we were there we went into the Fossil store. I oooo'd and awwwwww'd over the purses, and sunglasses and John tried on a couple watches. He ended up buying me purse! Its this really pretty shade of green (so obnoxious I love it) and its perfet, so ME!!! PLUS, he bought me the matching wallet! Spoiled? Yeah I'd say so!
Here are some pics of the wonderful bag....

And the jewelry... wow! My boys picked out jewelry for me, and boy do they ever know ME! Tristan got me this amazing bracelet, silver with green stones in it, and Jacob got me an amazing medallion necklace thats a gold color with orange stones. They are both perfectly my style and I love that they picked them out completely by themselves. They each also got me Halloween jewels LOL!!! I guess the Halloween display was just to tempting to pass up for Mom's birthday. I love it!

And here I am sporting the jewels on my Birthday!

The beautiful floral display my hubby had delivered for me :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010


I have a very exciting post today :)
Yesterday morning I was able to meet my Uncle Stan and Aunt Geri on a layover they had here!! I haven't seen them in FOREVER!!
John wasn't able to get off of work but me and the boys (I took them late to school) met them and had breakfast at the airport. It was amazing! He is my Dad's brother and they are exactly alike. They look exactly alike, they act the same, walk the same, talk the same and just are identical in most ways. So aside of it being just awesome to see them again, I get a taste of my Dad at the same time. For those who don't know my Dad died when I was 15. And it has been so long that I forget what he sounded like or what mannerisms he had, so when I see my Uncle Stan... it all comes flooding back, along with the tears. But.... happy tears. I cried like a little baby when I saw them and hugged him.
We spent the time at breakfast chatting and catching up on other family members, making sure everyones doing great. He played with my boys as I imagine my Dad would have. Teasing and messing around. They had these little rubber airplanes and he was flicking them off the table and the boys would just giggle and go get them. Hopefully they don't think my children are unruly, they were obnoxious!!! ha ha ha. Having just so much fun talking and playing with them and non stop!
I just can't wait to see them again. We are going to come visit them down in San Diego very soon hopefully. I have a feeling he'll be taking on a new daughter. It was just so great seeing them that I can't wait to be able to spend more time with them. We had about an hour at breakfast and it just wasn't enough!
I love you guys and am so glad we got some time together.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Loving Arizona!

Well as much as I miss Alaska and the friends I left behind, we are actually really liking it here!
The boys are loving school and doing amazing! Tristan is reading chapter books constantly, alot of times 1 a day!!! He gets so into them! They have both made friends and are enjoying Arizona. They'll enjoy it even more when it cools down a bit LOL!! Jacob is thriving in class.... passing his spelling tests and LOVES his teacher. I help out in Jacobs class quite a bit, but not in Tristans yet. Tristan's teacher isnt allowing volunteers yet but when she does I'll be right there!!
We made a trip to Vegas last weekend to visit family and bring my Mom her new furniture we found here in Arizona. It looks AMAZING in her house and she was able to find the matching chair and ottoman in Vegas so she's got it all now! Her dream furniture!! I was able to catch up with some old Highschool friends which was amazing. I got to meet their kids and they are so cute and just great! My boys spent alot of their time in my Moms pool. One of these days I think me and John will have to suck it up and just get one! The boys couldnt get enough even though it was FREEZING!!! We got to see our good friends Josh and Stephanie and their girls (so sweet). We all went out and had a family dinner. Just a great weekend. I love that we are so close we can just go see everyone for the weekend. I have missed my family a ton being up in Alaska!!
The house is coming together too. John and I have found a new hobby we love... Antique shopping!! The boys actually like it too, they are pros at finding stuff we will just love! We have decorated our house with the beautiful finds!
We miss and love our friends that have become family in Alaska so much! We will be up next summer for a couple weeks for fishing and visiting. Can't wait to see you all again!!