Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve...

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I wish you the best is 2009!!!

Whatever your plans are for this evening, please be safe :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

All I want for NEW YEAR'S ...

is my two front teeth!!! (says Tristan)

Yup, that's right, he lost the other top tooth! Woo hooo!!!
Daddy had to come to the rescue for us. I was helping him this morning with it. It was pretty loose last night and we were going to attempt to get it out but he wasn't into it, so I didn't push it, figuring it would make it through the night. Well it did but this morning he was messing with it and it started to bleed and got really loose, far past the point of no return. It was barely hanging on by a thread... but all of a sudden Tristan got really pale and sick to his stomach... he's a wimp like his mother lol. So I had him sitting/laying on my lap on the bathroom floor and I was messing with it to see if I could get it out, well I moved it in a way that hurt him which upset me, then I got sick to my stomach, thought I was going to puke and called for John.
One good strong Daddy yank and it was out!!! Thank goodness for strong Daddy hands!

Here's the toothless wonder himself!!

Excuse the goofy face.... he was being a silly toothless boy lol

Sunday, December 28, 2008

John's Christmas Present...

Well... John is usually the "best present buyer of all time" just because he is so good at picking stuff. And he was just as good this year HOWEVER I have over taken the title for this year at least lol.

He has been wanting a big fat fancy camera for some time now but I just couldn't justify in my head spending the money that they require. The one he looked at was about $1000 or more, yeah uhhh no way Jose~!

Well I caved and got him the new Canon Rebel XS with a special monstrosity of a lens attachment. It's completely ridiculous, but he seems to really be happy, so that's all that matters. I will just stick to my little regular digital camera because I'm afraid if I attempt to use this one... I'll probably break it lol. So I'll pass, he can enjoy it all by his lonesome :) Plus I honestly do NOT see the difference in pictures from my little digital camera as opposed to this new huge expensive camera. Well he's been testing the setting and all the wonderful things this camera has to offer and so the boys, animals and I have been subject to his spur of the moment shots. Now I'm sure I'll get the comments now about how the camera takes much better pics and all, so I'll just say ok :) lol

I'll share the pics I have of him opening it (with his perma-grin) and then some of the pics that he has snapped with his new camera.

Love you babe, enjoy your camera, you deserve it!!

And here are some pics from his new camera.........

Now I do have to say with this one of the bubbles, its awesome, those bubbles move insane fast in our fishtank and he was able to catch them in a stand still moment with the camera, now THAT is amazing!

Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Christmas Dinner

Well John and I decided to go to a friends house. I am embarrassed to say I didn't cook Christmas Dinner this year lol. And we actually didn't even have turkey. We went to Jeanette and Russ's house and they cooked an amazing beef brisket, YUM!!
There was our family, Jeanette's family, Brenda's family, and then I think 6 airmen. It was so much fun. It was a Rockband/Christmas Dinner! There were 6 kids total ranging from 2-6 and they seemed to have a great time too.
It was a night full of silliness and it was great!
Here are some pics from our night.

Just a plain ol' pic of Me and John

This is our cook, Jeanette...isn't she fabulous?

Some pics of everyone playing and singing to the Rockband game

Ok now here the silliness starts.... our attempts at getting "nice" pics in the kitchen area where it's well lit...

Me and John (him showing me his "seefood") GROSS


Still trying to get a good pic

Ok here we go, nice pics of she and I

Me and Jeanette

My lovely Christmas present necklace from Brenda :) She made it at work with dental floss and toys lol

Brendas son Isaiah taking pics (he only 2)

John enjoying his Bourban cake lol (adults only cake)

And finally...... Santa made an appearance and Jesse was telling him what he wants for Christmas next year

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rose...

The Red Rose
The red rose stands for love, plain and simple. Not just ordinary love, but romantic love. Red roses are given to your own very special lady to symbolize your undying love for her.

The ever lasting love represented by red roses.

I love you too John........ thank you :) You always make me feel so special!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

John's Work Xmas Party...

John's Xmas Party for his shop was last night. They held it at the Sheraton and it was beautiful! One of my girlfriends came over to watch the boys and it was fun for just John and I to get out together. They had awesome food there, I could've gone back for a few helpings but resisted ha ha!

They also had a musical chair scavenger hunt. For those who don't know what this is, its insane! For last night they had either one or two pair of dice on a table, and for whoever's chair it was sitting in front of, THAT was the person who had to go up and be the "player" for the table. Well of course with my luck, it was my seat. Well anyone who really knows me knows that this is something I would definitely NOT do. So one of the guys went up and did it. I am SO not an aggresive person and would SUCK at such a game. So anyway... there were a ton of people up there and they put 1 or 2 less chairs. So they call out an item, i.e. red lipstick, and they object is to get that item and get back to a chair. Now preferably your table will have the items......but that usually doesnt happen lol. So most times everyone who has the item will hold it out and people just grab it and run whether they know them or not. We got close to winning, I think our guy got down to the last 3 or 4 people. It was alot of fun.

Here are some pics from the night.... excuse my jacked up hair, I was having a BAD hair day lol. But John looks insanely handsome!!



On the way home (yes we were driving, I just told John the second to look)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh my heavens!

It's been one hell of a week!

Today was filled with fevers and vomit from both little boys. So as you can imagine, I spent my day doing laundry loads and making toast. They are feeling a bit better now, and hopefully it'll keep going in that direction. I don't think it could've gotten much worse for them today, knock on wood! They were in rough shape this morning, poor babies!!

I spend yesterday at Tristan's school for their Class Christmas Party. Jacob came along too. It was alot of fun! It was a PJ Party so we all dressed in PJ's and watched a movie and ate lots of yummy treats.

John and I went over to our friends house to have a BBQ one night. There's just been tons of stuff going on lately.
Anyway here are some pics of our life lately. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Jesse's special picture of the beer bottle

The guys being a bit tipsy and silly

Brenda serenading a couple of the kids lol

John and Jeanette wishing we would quit screwing around and play the darn card game ha ha ha

Me and Brenda

Tristan's school Xmas Party

Jacob and Lariah (his "girlfriend") she is the sister of a girl in Tristan's class. She and Jacob will be in Kindie together next year :)

Jacob taking pics of himself with my camera lol (he's so silly)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is me and Johns Christmas present to eachother. We need them.....ours have been slowly threatening to make a grand exit soon!

So I caved and we went and bought new ones.

Here are the ones that will be delivered the day after Christmas (hopefully)!!
the red ones :)

Jacob's Big Performance...

Ok, well I posted Jacob's dance performance at the school for the parents. This past Saturday he had the big performance at one of the school auditoriums in town. It was PACKED!!!! Seemed like every seat was taken and there were people standing too so they definitely had a ton of people to dance for. I was nervous as to whether he would do it for such a packed place. But he did. Was super cute!!

Here is the video (its the same dance as before just more kids) and some pics underneath.

And sorry the video is shakey... but being the wimpy Momma that I am was crying through most of the dance so I'm trying to wipe my face and video lol.