Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Desert Botanical Gardens

Seriously... one of the most beautiful amazing places I've been.

It's all desert plants, every kinda you can imagine. There are paths you walk through, boards to read and learn, wildlife to see. It was just so very relaxing! The boys loved it, John and I loved it maybe more! LOL
The main reason we went was because there were having a butterfly exhibit where you could go into their netted "cage" with them and see them up close. They were awesome, and huge! I had NO idea how big they were. The people in there to teach you about them told us that they don't really land on people. He said they are the "cats" of the butterfly world, they just don't really care that you're there, kinda just whatever about people, lol. He said they have other butterflies that will land on people are just very social but the Monarchs, not so much. Now of course not 5 minutes after they tell us that, what happens? One lands right on Tristans shirt! He has this insane attraction to animals, or I should say they have an insane attraction to him. He's just got a special something about him with animals of all kinds. And not 1 minute after the one came and landed on his shirt, one landed on his EAR! He was in HEAVEN!!
Jacob on the other hand... took a few to get used to it. He started crying when we got in there, ugh! So the mother I am (my friends will understand) I say quietly in his ear as I kneel next to him, "Jacob, they are flippin butterflies, what do you think they're going to do, attack you?"... suck it up child, lets enjoy! lol. He got over it pretty quick and once it was his turn to take pictures, he was all over them :)
Anyway here are some pictures from our day, it really is a great place. Would be fun for a romantic walk :)