Monday, August 13, 2007

Wow, its been a while.....

We've been so busy with everything I haven't had time to write....

The fence is finished!! Woo hooo. John did an awesome job. It is so nice to just let the dogs out and not have to stay out there and watch them. The boys love it too.
Of course now I do have to tell the story of the hive John ran into while doing the last little bit of the fence. Here we go:

As he was finishing up the back wall, he dug out some dirt and tossed it back into the woods about 2 feet and all of a sudden he comes running towards the back door. He was swarmed by some nasty bee/wasp things, and was stung about 10 times in about 2 seconds!

So then the fabulous idea he has to burn the nest out, great idea right? Not so much!
He leans in the door and asks me for a lighter.... my exact words "LIKE HELL" LOL. So then our friends convince me its the way to do it. I figure, what do I know, maybe its the way they do it.

So after he walks out the door to go have his fun, I say "Ok children (there are 6 in the house at the time) come gather round the back door, Uncle John's about to light everything on fire".
So he brings out the gas can, lighter in hand.....throws a piece of wood down, DRENCHES it in gasoline (first mistake I called out), then decides to light it up............... all I see is this explosion of FIRE. I scream a swear word that should never be said in front of children but lucky for me the kids were paying attention to the fire instead of me (they were all inside watching through the window).... I run into the kitchen grab the fire extinguisher and toss it to John's friend who is running for the I look outside, I see a BIGGER fire and John running for the hose....... the wood, the grass, the gascan, and most things in the immediate area are engulfed in John spectacular fire display for the neighborhood to view.
Anyway, they got it out no problem and fairly quickly for how big it got for a few there. I was about to call the fire department. A few minutes of nervous laughter later, I'm doing the "told you so" dance. And John walks to the house with a huge smile of accomplishment on his face, not sure if its the fence accomplishment or the fact that he (almost alone) battled his first "forrest fire" ha ha!

But it IS a beautiful fence, and he should be proud, my hubby is so handy :)

I'll save more catch ups for tomorrows post.

I'll attach some recent pics here for viewing :) Have a great day everyone!

(In the pictures that Tristan look crabby he really is smiling, he's actually saying "cheese" lol)