Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Vegas Time

Ok, so I leave tomorrow morning!
This really snuck up on me! Aren't vacation supposed to take forever?

I think that I'm more nervous about leaving the boys that I'm willing to admit to though. I've been very edgey and sensitive (YES more than usual) lately. Tristan's two bottom teeth have been loose for quite some time. One of them is getting moreso and my guess is it won't be long til it's gone. Well after putting them to bed last night, I hear this awful scream from Tristan's room, he must've have hired a banshee for effect because there is no way that noise came out of his mouth. Dramatic much? Well it seems he thought his tooth was falling out right then, not even close. So I calmed him down, told him its ok that it falls out, its supposed to and he'll be fine. But then I came downstairs and ended up in tears. The ONE time I decide to go and leave, something like this happens, something important and something I'm probably going to miss, and it stinks!

I suppose John is the better parent to deal with it though, I don't have the stomach to look at him wiggle that tooth one more time I don't think. I'm wayyyyyyy too wimpy!

Anyway, I will try to blog while in Vegas but no guarantees :)

Have a great next two weeks everyone if I don't blog before then!


Johnson Family said...

Everything will be fine! You are gonna have a great time...wish I could meet up with you. Peyton recently lost a tooth...they grow so fast! I'll be praying you have a safe smooth trip!

Mom not Mum said...

You'll have a great time. And - I've had kids with a wobbly tooth forever so there is still a good chance he won't loose it while you're gone. Just tell John he's only allowed to feed the kids soft foods. LOL

Kristy said...

AAwwww hopefully his tooth will hold out for you to get home!!!! If not I'm sure John will be wonderful about it. I hope your vacation is nice and relaxing for you.