Monday, March 24, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas...

Phew! What a busy two weeks!

Tomorrow morning I leave to go back home to Alaska. My plane takes off at a very early 7am.

I have had a wonderful two weeks! Lots of laughing, dancing, catching up, getting tattooed, visiting with old friends, enjoying mommy time, missing babies (so much) and lots more to talk about.

I did everything I wanted to do on this vacation plus some extras. I will make a big long informative post once I get home and settled. But for now I will say that I laughed til I damn near choked and wet my pants, danced til my legs were about to fall off, roller skated with some kids who probably were looking at me thinking "who's THAT old hag", saw friends I hadn't seen in 10 years or more and missed my boys til I sobbed. This vacation encompassed every emotion I think there is available and I couldn't have wished for more, it was awesome!

I miss my babies and my sweet hubby more than words can say and I cannot WAIT to come running down the stairs of the airport (hopefully without falling) and grab them all and hug and kiss them 2 weeks worth!

Here's a head start of some photos from the vacation of a lifetime with the friends and family I miss dearly and hold close to my heart.


Anonymous said...

I am a frequent reader of your blog!! Love it!!