Sunday, May 4, 2008

Family Outing to the Reindeer Farm

So we decided today to take a little trip to the Reindeer Farm. The boys and I went soon after we moved here and hadn't been back since and John had never been so we thought we'd take the quick drive and go see them.
The boys had a great time, although Tristan and I kept our distance, the Reindeer make us both nervous lol. They are very pushy and and get a little too close for comfort sometimes. But they are so cute! Jacob wasn't scared of a thing, he probably would have rode one if I let him. So Jacob stuck close the John and they got bombarded with Reindeer for feeding. John actually got a little crowded at one point when a ton of them just completely surrounded him and wanted food but he ran out. He was trying to hide the food containers and the Reindeer kept nudging him and looking for more, it was hilarious!(look below for the pictures).
They also have a little deer and a moose we got to see. All in all it was a way fun day :)
Here are some pics from the trip :) There are a ton sorry!


Johnson Family said...

Looks like fun! The reindeer look so cute and hungry!!!