Friday, May 9, 2008

Phew! It's Friday :)

The weekend is here :) YAHHHHHHHH!

Hopefully this weekend will just be one of relaxation. Its supposed to be nice weather so I'm sure we'll spend a good amount of time outside :)

So I had a doctors appointment yesterday. It was just a checkup but I needed to discuss some other issues with my doctor. Which usually ends up leading into me convincing him that I know something is wrong and him telling me I am ok and they aren't sure why I'm not feeling well and that no other tests are needed. So automatically I go in panicky, and preparing for battle, shield and sword ready.
Well he completely surprised me and agree to all of the blood tests that I wanted. There are specific tests to my disease that alot of doctors don't routinely test and so I wanted to get those done, he agreed with no problem at all. Amazing! He also agreed to start moving in the direction of testing for fibromyalgia. Which would stink if that was the problem, but at least I would know. And knowledge is power, I can deal with what I know, I can't deal with what I don't know and being told nothing is wrong when something obviously is.

SOOOOOO...... yeah, the doctor did what I wanted, woo hoo. It makes things so much easier when they just do what I want ha ha ha!!

Anyway... so Tristan, Jacob and I went to Walmart today and bought some new stuff for the fish tank. We got some new rocks, in a differnet color and some new stuff for the fishies to swim in. Here is a true testiment to my childrens different personalities.... Tristan picked a big tree trunk type thing with holes all over for the fish to swim in and out of and it has some different types of plants on it, just really fun thing for the fish. Jacob, on the other hand, he picked the statue thing that is a big skull with a crack in it and a big black eel wrapped around the bottom! It's really cool, and Jacob really likes it! So the three of us took out all of the old stuff and put in the new and they love it!

That was about it today, a nice boring day :)

Sunday is Mothers Day and so HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of the Mommy's :) Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!