Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Thursday :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!

We are doing well here.......enjoying the beginning of summer weather. It's been beautiful here in the 60's! And everything is turning green again. I forgot how much I missed all of the green! Soon enough I'm sure we'll be camping and fishing up a storm. We have an extra room if anyone wants to come fishing.... come on up!

Our first order of exciting news is that Tristan lost yet another tooth! That makes 3 total, all right next to eachother. He, again, decided that he didn't want to wait for it so he messed with it way too much and ended up forcing it out. The tooth next to it WAS pushing up on it a bit though also (you can tell from the picture). After he got it past the "point of no return" we had to stay up and get it out, took up 45 minutes. This is getting to be a pattern.... always ends up at bedtime, I think maybe he's just trying to stay up late lol.

Anyway, it wasn't coming out so easy this time, but it was very close to ready to pop out. So I decided and convinced Tristan that Daddy could probably do it because he so much stronger than me. Well...... Daddy got in there and yanked and well, I guess it wasn't quite as ready as we thought and Tristan screamed. You'd have thought John was ripping out his entire lower jaw the way he screamed. Well Daddy loosened it up pretty good and it wasn't too long after that, that it finally popped out.

The "Alaskan Tooth Fairy" writes letters along with giving cash so this time the Tooth Fairy made sure to write to Tristan and tell him not to force his teeth out and to let them loosen on their own. So when he showed me the letter and we read it, he looked at the ground embarrassed, sighed and said "Mommy.....she knows", ha ha ha!!
It was priceless!

Jacob has also decided that since your gums bleed when you lose teeth that he "never wants to lose his teeth" and he "wants to keep them".

As for me, I got back from Seattle on Tuesday afternoon. As some know I was there for a doctors appointment with a new Endocrinologist. I'm still having trouble with my Graves Disease and all of the lovely symptoms that accompany it so I went there to see what this doctor could do for me. They've decided to add another type of medicine to see if that can change things so everyone keep their fingers crossed that I'm back to "normal" soon. Well normal for me anyways :)

John took time off of work so he and the boys has a weekend just for them! I know they enjoyed it.

Before I left for Seattle the boys wanted to come with me, so they put themselves in my suicase lol (see pic below).

I also recently dug through my "Save Box" from when I was a kid and Jacob saw my T-Shirt I still have from my Elementary School days and put it on (see pic below).

Thats about it here....... I'll toss some pictures in here from recent.


Rhonda said...

Hey you! I didn't know you had a family blog!! That is awesome. What is it with the boys making the teeth loose? Andrew tries to do the same thing! It is weird I can look at blood and all knids of yuckie stuff but for some reason when andrew wiggles that tooth, eeeekkkkkk! My fingers are croosed for you I hope that your meds start to do you some good!! BTW, your boys look so cute tucked into the suitcase!!