Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jacob "The Cookie Maker"

Well Tristan and Daddy were playing a hard game last night and my little Cubby was feeling left out. So I pulled him into the kitchen to help me make some cookies (Thank goodness I had everything I needed lol).
He was super good and very helpful, well except for the mixer. He is NOT a fan of loud noises. You should really see him in public bathrooms trying to flush the toilet without unplugging his ears, you'd never know how handy elbows were lol.
ANYWAY, well I was very impressed with this and I don't know if its a normal thing for a 4 year old to be able to do but he spatula'd every single cookie off those sheets! With no effort at all, and he really enjoyed himself. He was wanting more cookies to get off but we only made a small batch.
Well I took pictures of course to document his new talent, and he's just he cutest baker ever!

Proud Jacob with the spatula

The delicious cookies courtesy of Jacob

Scooping up his "baby" cookie he made ha ha

Me and the baker (excuse Jacob's wonky eye, he blinked) but OMG its so funny lmao