Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jacob's Surgery...

To begin... it went fine. We're home, he's good. His tongue is definitely tender but he's back to normal, and was right away.

Ok so now the story... We got to the hospital after dropping off Tristan at a friends house around 630am. Jacob was in "Jacob" mood. He was a grump and onry. Nothing particulary bad just crabby and tired. They checked us in and got us into a room where they had some toys for Jacob and some hospital jammies. After some convincing he gave in and let me put on the hospital jammies and socks. We sat there for a while and watched TV... the nurses came in and out to ask questions, have me sign paperwork and so on. Then came the anesthesiologist LOL! He came in with a little needleless syringe full of happy medicine. Jacob took it no problem and in about 10 minutes a comedian was born. He decided it was only acceptable for him to talk in silly voices and to make silly noises. He told me at one point "Look Mommy, there's two TV's now" in his mumbled slurred speech. It was hysterical. It really calmed me down and we laughed so hard the nurses came in to see what was going on. I was laughing hysterically and then Jacob started to then I was laughing at him laughing.... endless cycle. And it was so nice to actually, when the time came, leave him laughing and giggly rather than crying or upset. Once they put up the rails on the bed and started wheeling him he said "woooo this is fun" lol. Those were some GOOD drugs!

I waited for about an hour by myself in the waiting room before they came and got me again to go back and see him in recovery. He was sobbing horribly which I half expected. He had a rough time waking up with thrashing and kicking, screaming, trying to pull his IV out. It took me a good 10 minutes to calm him down. They put us in a nice dim room with a recliner for him to sit with me and brought him some juice and milk. He was super happy to get the IV out and all the junk off of him. We only sat in recovery for a half hour or so, not long at all. Then put him in a wheelchair and wheeled him out and I went and got my truck and pulled it up to the door and put him in the car.

It was a super fast process and I'm glad it's over! I was actually way more calm than I expected to be. I cried a bit once I walked away from him and into the waiting room but it didn't last long and the time flew by luckily!

And of course like any good mother I video taped Cubby in his drug induced silliness :) You can totally tell that he is just giggly and silly and out of it :)

Enjoy and thank you so much for all of the prayers and good thoughts.. keep them coming for the biopsy results though please. We should have those in a week.

This picture is prior to meds... you can tell he's very tense

Here he can hardly keep his eyes open trying to watch TV on the meds

And super giggly Jacob :)

I have one more video to upload... I'll add that in a few minutes.


Unknown said...

OMG I haven't been on here 4ever! I didn't know that Jacob got surgery! What did he do? What did the docters need to fix or remove?