Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons!

Last night was Jacob's first day of swimming lessons.
We were a bit nervous to see how he would do... only because we took them to open swim last week and Jacob decided he was better suited to sit on the side and dip his legs in lol. Eventually he decided to get in... but this was after like 30 minutes probably... and I had tried to take him in carrying him and tried to get him to go in with Daddy. He even had his lifevest on and it was still a no go!
Anyway, so you can imagine what I was thinking going to swim lessons... somebody he doesnt know telling him what to do, IN water, WITHOUT a lifevest on... yeah, have you met my son Jacob?
He did AMAZING!!! The ONLY thing he wasnt sure about was floating on his back, but with some "encouragement" (yeah thats it, encouragement) from Mom and a special little "Mom look" he went right to his teacher, amazing how that works. He held onto her arm under water for dear life, but he did it! He put his face in the water, no problem, walked and jumped back and forth end to end in the pool. They did all kinds of fun games to get the kids comfy. It was really cool.
Also, totally by accident, me and my girlfriend Danica ended up putting our boys in the same class so I had Danica to visit with and hang out with while the kids were learning. I think it made it easier for the two of them too to have someone they knew there. And it eased my anxiety and kept me occupied while my baby was in the water with someone other than me.

Here are some pics!