Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tristans Swimming

Ok so tonight was Tristan's first night of his swimming lessons. He is in a class one step higher than Jacob. He can't swim but he's less shy about putting his face in the water or ducking under so they put him one step up. But the bad part is, along with the step up in class, my anxiety stepped up too lol.

I love swimming, I love water, etc etc etc, BUT I have a horrible fear of drowning for those who don't know. I have nightmares about drowning and so to watch my little boys in a pool and knowing they cant swim and trusting the teacher to take care of them... Momma gets on the edge of her seat.

Jacobs didn't bother me because the water is soooooo super shallow, Tristan's NOT SO MUCH! And they were having him do all these "swimming" type exercises lol. Oh my heavens! He loved it though... and if he looked at me I smiled and clapped, when he didn't look at me, I was clenching my teeth. At one point they had the teachers tossing the kids back and forth and they would let them land and get their heads out of water on their own. It was neat and Tristan inhaled water on a couple exercises but it didn't deter him at all! I was so proud, he just was so happy to be swimming, he enjoys it so much, he'll be a little fishie soon I'm sure!

Here are some pics from tonight :)


Oterofamfour said...

oh man...they dont have you get in the water too? when we took the boys one parent was always in the water BTW, a good tip that I learned from a lesson when Andrew was 1 yr, they told us when you put your child under water make sure you put their entire head under because if the can see they think they can breath and that is when they choke on the water!! Evan didnt have lots of lessons like Andrew but he is getting really good and that is what we did to him all the way under and he never chokes on the water!! Good luck Mommie!! They look like they are having SO much FUN!!