Friday, August 7, 2009

The happenings lately...

Well our first order of business is very very exciting... we have yet another lost tooth in this house.... but this time... IT WAS JACOB'S :) That's right, our little boy lost his very first tooth!!
It ended up being WWIII to get the thing out (I'll spare you the ugly details) but it's out, he's been visited by the all popular Tooth Fairy and the world is wonderful again.
Here are some pictures of our baby boy who is just growing up too fast!!

And our second order of business is just the goings on of our little family. We've been spending lots of time outside, fishing, playing etc. Trying to keep busy while Daddy is gone. He comes back October 1st and we are just missing him so badly right now. Our house just isn't the same without him here and we can't wait til he comes back home to us. But luckily we have friends that stay here at the house and keep us company, and have fun slumber parties with us!
Here are just some recent pics of what we've been up to!