Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Alaska State Fair 2009

So the famous Alaska State Fair is going on here, and lucky me, its in MY town :) It's a HUGE deal around here... HUGE!! So it's nice at the end of my day at the fair, I can drive down the street and be home, whereas others have to take the long trip back to Anchorage.
We got a beautiful day last week and so I decided last minute to yank Tristan out of school early (I know bad Mom) at 2pm when Jacob got out and head to the fair :) Tristan was actually bummed and wanted to go back to school lol. We went with our friends Candace, Bryce and their girls. Unfortunatley John is still out of town and had to miss the Fair fun. And we missed him like crazy too... would've been so much more fun with Daddy there!!
We stayed for a few hours and took in all the fair had to offer... great booths, rides, games, food.... the usual. I actually didn't feast like I usually do on fair food, we settled for some good cotton candy at the end of the night.
All in all we really did have fun.
Here are some pics from our few hours at the fair. We wish we could have gone back another day but Jacob's come down being VERY sick and we won't be able to go back there again before it's over. We'll just have to fly back here during fair season next year :) lol