Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just a quick funny story...

I had just put the boys down for nap a little while ago. Yesterday they got Christmas money and decided to put it together to buy a new Wii game they've been wanting. Well as I put them down I reminded them about that and if they took a good nap and didn't sit up there and mess around and look for excuses to get out of bed that we would go to the store and get the game.

The both agreed because they know how bad they want this game lol.

Well I thought I heard some walking around a few minutes later so I walk upstairs to see who it is. And they rooms are right next to eachother, so as I open Jacob's door first to see if it was him, the door creaks really bad so Tristan must've heard it, thought it was Jacob and I hear Tristan say "NOOOOOO JACOB DON'T OPEN THE DOOR, GET BACK IN BED" in a LOUD whisper voice. ha ha ha ha

It was hilarious, Tristan was trying to save his brother from getting into trouble. Love it!!!