Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Physical Therapy

Well, yesterday was appointment #2 and it was less than comfortable.

She warned me it wouldn't be fun for me at all, and I completely expected that. HOWEVER, about halfway through the neck "massage" part I felt a headache coming on. I have skin burns on my neck from it... she was rubbing her hand in straight lines from the base of my skull to my collar bone over and over and over, both sides to straighten out my muscles in that area and get some stretch there. And I know its totally necessary to do this but messing with all of those muscles and nerves brought on another horrid headache.

Then after the deep tissue "massage" on my neck, I was put on the traction machine for 10 or 15 minutes again. Which isn't so bad, I can stand about 15 pounds of pressure with the pulling. For anyone who doesn't know what the traction machine is, it basically straps my head in, and pulls my head away from my body to stretch and try to get the discs to get back in place. It's not horrible but definitely not comfortable.

Anyway, that was my exciting day, PT then a headache all day, all night. Lovely. Luckily this morning its gone, just have my headache "hangover" feel.

Oh and I've decided it should be illegal to call ANYTHING a "massage" unless it's going to feel good in some way. NOT FAIR lol!!! :)