Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween, Friend visits and School Festivals, OH MY!!

Well the boys' Fall Festival at school was this past week, last Friday. Now that I am part of the PTSA I helped set it up. It was fun and its been great getting to know the girls in the PTSA. They are a great group.
They did the CUTEST pictures for the festival to raise money. They set up hay and fall decor, it was super cute! So of course, being who I am... we had a couple pics done! (and I snuck in a pic of my friend Linda and I at the Festival)

We also had our friends, the Johnson family, that came out to go to the Science Museum and spend the night at the house here. The museum was having a Halloween special so we all met up and went there then hung at the house for the night. I made pumpkin pancakes the next morning for breakfast and they were on the road mid morning. It was great to spend time with them!! And we hope to do it again soon :)

And now just a few from Halloween night when we went trick or treating :)


Kallas Family News said...

Those pictures rock! I love your blog! I'm glad you have one.