Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

Wow, two days in a row, that must be a record of some kind! Anyone call Guiness ???

As some know John is in Rhode Island with his family right now so its just me and the boys at home. And shhhh, we won't tell John but I have been letting Tristan, Kayla (dog) AND Bear all sleep in the bed with me.....Jacob isn't quite old enough yet to not walk off in the middle of the night so we do miss his snuggles.
Tristan told me this morning that when Daddy gets back he is going to go back to his own bed though ha ha ha. I guess he realizes its more for me than him ha!

Jacobs been having quite some vivid dreams lately. Yesterday morning he woke up screaming for his baby cat asking what I had done with him and where he was (we have no baby cat). I told him it was a dream and we just have Bear (big cat lol). And he said "NO, my baby cat (in his cute little voice)" and walked downstairs calling for him "Baby cat, where are you, baby cat". Sooo funny.
Then this morning the only thing I heard through the monitor when he woke up was "Ashton............Ashton.......... where are you" (Ashton is Jacobs buddy and partner in crime).
So I guess we will see what tomorrow morning dreams bring.

Have a nice day everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Hello there, chickie! Welcome again to the world of blogging! I'm glad you decided to give it another try. And I'm happy to keep updated here on your family.

Have a wonderful day!


Mom not Mum said...

Hey there Erin! It's Jacks here. I'll do my best to peak in here too during my daily rounds.

JessNickKatieRyanEmily said...

Hey there, Glad you have gotten another blog, Will peak in Every morning :)

~*Candice*~ said...

YAY Keep up with the posting! Come read my blogs and comment me too.. LOL MAUHHHH! :D


Elle said...

Good to see you are posting.