Thursday, July 12, 2007

Almost the weekend....

Well Good Thursday Afternoon!
So much has been going on I haven't quite had the time or energy to sit down and write a post.

First of all, Richie, Brooke and family left Wednesday morning. Phew, that was rough. I was NOT prepared at all, I spent the rest of the morning in tears. We are going to miss them so much! Tristan keeps saying he misses Cousin Nathan. They have quite a long drive ahead of them, so we will all keep them in our thoughts for their travels.

Second, John has been furiously working on our fence that is going up for our backyard. I guess a half acre of fencing is quite a lot of work (ha ha). Every spare minute he has he is out cutting pipes, digging holes, he's going to be mixing the cement and hopefully setting the poles tonight. Luckily its been beautiful outside for the most part so he is able to spend most of the day out there, then of course the fact that it really doesn't get dark so he literally has "all day".
It will be so wonderful to have that fence up so I can turn the dogs loose and not have to stand outside with them to go potty and make sure they dont run off somewhere or go bug the neighbors too much.

Tristan had another soccer game yesterday and did fantastic. He really seems like he is getting the hang of soccer, except the occasional "accidental" knocking down of other players. That boy is competitive for sure!

We also decided to wait another semester before sending Cubby (Jacob) to preschool. He is so bright, maybe too much for his own good, but he is NOT ready for preschool. He knows probably 6 or 7 letters by look and most of his number 1 through 10. He knows just about every shape there is, but the maturity level I don't think is quite where it needs to be. I called and spoke with the teacher, she has been around Jacob a number of times so she knew where I was coming from. We are just going to have to work with Jacob a little harder before January when he will start. He is way more hard headed than Tristan ever was...... who said a 3 year old could have an opinion? Hmph! lol

We went on a family date last night after Tristans game also. We went and had a fun dinner over a stream filled with fish and beavers (that we didn't see) then went to a late movie. We never keep the boys up late so we figured "what the heck", it'll be a treat. We took them to see Transformers. They LOVED it!, and I secretely did too, maybe even more than the kids.
John and Richie went last weekend and told me it was ok for the boys even though it was PG-13. Only a couple swear parts that they probably wouldn't even notice....... well he was wrong about that but they enjoyed it and didn't notice the bad parts at all. Well except when a kid in the movie made a joke about his dog being a "crackhead" and in the middle of a quiet theater Tristan yelled "Mommy, ha ha, crackhead", embarrassing much? YEAH! Oh yeah AND Jacob saw a "Superman" symbol and louding yelling "Superman" in all its glory lol.

Last but not least, this is probably a TMI (too much information) but I don't care. I went to the doctor to have a mole looked at today and they decided to just take it off. Which is great, right? Well, not so much for this wimpy girl. I need time to prepare myself. They gave me a shot to numb it and thats all it took for me to go into vomiting, sweating and damn near passout stages. About 15 minutes later I was fine but phew, I hate feeling like that, no fun!

Well, thats my catch up for the last few days...... its been nice having John home on vacation all week for me AND the boys, we love our extra time with Daddy :)