Saturday, July 7, 2007

Phew....... I'm exhausted!

Well......... so I slacked a bit that past few days! So what? ha ha ha

We have been busy as ever. Richie and Brooke and family (John's cousin for those who don't know) have been staying with us until they move to Georgia and we have been spending all the time we can with them before they leave us lonely up here in Alaska to fend for ourselves!
Tristan and Jacob love having cousin Nathan here....... even though they have their share of arguements. And we love having Richie and Brooke here to keep me and John company too!!
There isn't too too much to update on around here. John and Richie have been fishing a couple times, me and Brooke took the boys to Home Depot today to the kids day and they boys all built a "treasure chest" then we came home and painted them (See below).
We also all went out to dinner with some of Richie and Brooke's friends for a last Hoo-Ra before they left (See pics below).
Its just been day to day things being busy and enjoying our time with family.
Hope everyone's had a great weekend!!!


Mom not Mum said...

Love the tubby picture!!!

This is jacks btw!

Elle said...

Great pictures!

Kathy said...

. . . And this is how men having a love affair with Home Depot starts! LOL Love - love - love the pix!