Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Friday...

Although Fridays don't mean quite the same thing to me since I don't have an outside job anymore.

There hasn't been too much going on around here lately. But I figured I'd update what I could.

The boys have been really good lately. I'm hoping they are getting to a good age now. They really get along much better now and aren't quite as onry as they used to be. It's so nice. As boys AND brothers do they still bicker sometimes, but its not like it used to be :)
Tristan only has a couple more weeks of preschool and then he's on summer break before Kindergarten in August. HOW is that possible? That my child is going into Kindergarten? It happened so quick....where did the time go? I know he really will enjoy it, it'll be so much fun for him.
Jacob starts preschool the same day that Tristan starts Kindergarten. That's definitely going to be a rough day for Mommy lol. I know Jacob will have a wonderful time at preschool also though. They just may have to put a leash on him and a few extra locks on all of the doors ha ha! (anyone how knows Cubby, understands that). Maybe I will get lucky and he will completely surprise me.

Well thats about it around here, nothing too exciting. I've been trying to update this as much as possible so check back often to see our family updates :)