Sunday, July 13, 2008

A quick update from the Costa Clan

As most of you know.... John left super early Saturday morning for Guam, for 3 weeks. They wanted him there for 6am..... way too early in my opinion LOL.

Anyway, I talked to him on his layover at McChord AFB in Northern California, and then on his layover in Hawaii a few hours later. What a shame huh? Hawaii! But unfortunately he had to stay close to the plane so he didn't get to explore. But I think he talked me into just going there. I was bummed I couldn't go there with him to be with him this time, but oh well. We will have to go on family vacation, but just knock me out for the flying over water hours lol (which is all of them).

And a few hours ago he called me to let me know he got to Guam safe and sound. There was a big wait to get stuff off the plane and then to get them their home for 3 weeks.

Well.... I just wanted to update you all to let you know he is there and hopefully this 3 weeks will just FLY by!

Love you all!