Wednesday, July 30, 2008


They never seem to lose the ability to guilt you into just about anything do they?

Well my Mother proved again tonight, that at almost 30 years old, I am NO match for her guilt tripping abilities.

As anyone who knows me knows... I am NO sucker for my childrens' antics. I am a no nonsense Momma! I play NO games and take NO prisoners.

Tristan decided tonight to fight me a little about dinner. At first he didn't even want to try it, then decided it was too "messy" to eat and he would get so dirty... (John's child anyone?). The real reason was that Jacob dug in and finished and was able to get his snack, which was marshmellows (or marshrollers as they are known in this house). And I'm sure to Tristan's 5 year old eyes, marshmellows are a MUCH better dinner that a bean and cheese burrito. So this went on for about 30 minutes. He finally decided that enough was enough and he was no longer putting up with my telling him to eat. He was having nothing, no snack NOTHING, and was not going down quietly I might add. He complained the entire rest of the night until after 1 too many fights between them that I decided bedtime was coming early.

So we all marched upstairs to go to bed. Potties done, teeth brushed, and frowns a plenty, we went to our rooms where we begrudgingly agreed to bed.

Well about a half hour later I am on the phone with my Mother and am telling her the story, its at this time I should have said good night and just hung up the phone. She tells me that if she were here she would sneak food to him. I laugh and say "yeah ha ha ha, you would've put US to bed the same way"..... to which she replies "oh no ma'am, I would make a special dinner that you would like".... CRAP! She's right, she DID do that......another horrid traight of the Mothers, they are ALWAYS right! So this is where the guilt starts setting in as I'm hearing my Mom saying "oh Erin, he's so hungry"...."just a little something to eat Erin"...."his tummy is probably growling so hard and so loud".

ARGH! Dangit Mother! So I, the tough stick to my guns Mother than I am..... take some crackers to him (the eye rolling is beginning). And of course my Mom is on the phone still laughing her head off at me giving into her secret disguised guilt trip. THEN she has the audacity to say "CRACKERS! CRACKERS?? NOT EVEN ANY CHEESE WITH THEM???" ! Come on now! Cheese? Seriously? Guilt Tristan got applesauce too. And of course as I am handing him his food, he is scarfing it down so fast I'm surprised he didn't eat my hand with it so I feel like the crappiest mother in the world! Tristan is forever in debt to his Nana after tonight, she convinced his awful starvation teaching Mother to give him enough food to thrive for just one more night.

This is completely ridiculous, RIDICULOUS! How does my Mother still have these powers over me? HOW I ASK YOU??? I hope I still have them over my boys when they are almost 30!!!

Love you Momma! :)


The Pemberton Family said...

That is hilarious!! you are a sucker..I wouldn't have given in!! Yeah right! You're a great mommy, Erin--don't ever forget that!!