Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our youngest fuzzy baby has to have surgery....

Miss Annabelle Lee is going in for surgery tomorrow.

I took her into the vet today because of some ear gunk, I figure an infection. I was right, she has some yeasty bacterial thing going on in her poor little ear :( So docs give her a couple injections (guess it was pretty bad) and tell me they are sending me home with some meds for 10 days.

So while I am there, I mention how she vomits quite often. Sometimes she gets into the kitty food for a couple bites before we catch her and occasionally she has a craving for some Kitty Rocca (litter box for those who didn't get that). So I mention that and say that she has looked thinner to me lately also. Now I know she just lost her huge ridiculous Newfie winter coat so I figured that was a big part of it. Well they weighed her and she's lost about 10 lbs since I last weighed her at home a few months back.

So we decide to go ahead and do some Xrays, possibly barium and possibly some blood work. I come back about 2 hours later...... and she needs surgery. They ended up doing the barium.... and she has a partial obstruction in her tummy :( My poor munchkin. So I guess tomorrow afternoon we will see what she injested......this should get interesting.

Anyway, we could use some good thoughts... as everyone who knows me probably figures, I'm worried! And Tristan was pretty worried tonight, he was upset that she would be gone all day tomorrow so I am taking him with me in the morning to drop her off, just me and him so he can feel better.

Anyway, thats our big exciting news today!

Here's a picture of my younest fur ball :)

Miss Annabelle Lee