Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tristan's Report Card

So I forgot to mention the other day that John and I went to a Parent / Teacher Conference for Tristan at his school. It's something they do to catch up with the parents and assess where the kids are at and how they are doing. Report card type meeting.

Lucky for us it was a timeframe that John was able to go and be a part of it! Which I know was really special for him because the hours he works makes it tough to be a part of things sometimes. And I know he craves that so I was super happy he got to be there with me.

Tristan is doing amazing! He got top scoring in all areas and is over achieving in areas too. The only part he needs improvment in is with his name. When he writes his name there are certain letters like "r" that he will always write a capital instead of a lower case. I will take responsibility for that one lol.... I figured as long as he writes it I didn't need to press the accuracy. Whoops! So we are working on that one at home now to make sure he writes it correctly.

There are parts of the report card that are grayed boxes because they don't do those things until like 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter. But alot of those things he already has down! He can count to 100 no problem, he knows not only his full name, but mine and Johns, our phone number, the address, his birthday and the 911 information. He really catches on quickly! John and I are lucky. He is reading right where he should be, learning sight words and such. We brought home two new books to learn some new sight words and read and he flew through those books with ease. I really think he'll be full on reading by the end of kindergarten. It's really neat to see him learn and figure it out. However.... John and I are going to have to move from the Spelling stage to Pig Latin I think lol.

His report card also says on the back that he identifies 22 Uppercase, 23 Lowercase and knows 20 Letter sounds. That was 3 weeks ago and I think he probably knows most of them now but that was amazing to me. Mr. Clayton said thats an area he's above average in.

I will also put a pic up of his Music Report Card.... you can click on the picture and read what he's been doing in Music class. He LOVES Music class. I hope so much that he keeps going with Music. I grew up with lots of music in my home and playing different instruments and listening to all different kinds. I have a real appreciation for music and I hope Tristan continues to also. I think maybe if he really keeps loving it we will see if we can't get him to start an instrument. **Fingers Crossed for piano, shhhhh** lol

Anyway here are the reports, you can click both to look closer.


Oterofamfour said...

PIG LATIN!! Isn't that the truth? It is getting pretty hard these days cause Andrew is reading and spelling and all that jazz so we have sorta moved onto lip reading!!LOL That is so great the he is doing so well in school!! They are amazing! At around the middle of Kindergarten Andrew was reading the short books....Sam ran fast, and it was like over night it seemed!! Crazy how all the sudden it happens!!