Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Miss Kayla...

Well as some or most know, Kayla had some surgery the other week. She has a gum issue called Gingival Hyperplasia and they took care of that and also a little "mole" looking thing on her side.
Well pretty quickly we found out that the "mole" was actually what looked like a tumor and did contain mast cells. Which can and most likely means cancer.
Well after almost two weeks, we got the final results of the biopsy today and its good and bad. The lump they did take out of her mouth was just the gingival hyperplasia, which has to be watched but isn't life threatening. Her gingival hyperplasia issue is pretty bad and needs to be watched but it is something that is common in Boxers.
The bad news is that the "mole" they removed from her side was in fact a Mast Cell Tumor, which means cancer. Now as with people we don't know if this spot was it or if it will come back. The biopsy came back that she is in Stage II which is not as good as Stage I but not as bad as Stage IV thank goodness. So... we wait. I honestly can't even say right now if she has cancer anymore. She did, and they removed the cancerous area so I'm not sure if there's still cancer in her body that will display elsewhere or what. Her blood tests looked good and she is acting fine, those are all good signs. So we will pray that this spot was it and the cancer is gone and it won't come back, but we have to watch her very carefully right now, especially in the area of the surgery.
Please keep our puppy girl in your thoughts. She is 8 years old and Boxers don't have as long a life as alot of dogs, but we're hoping she holds out and can have a long happy life.