Monday, April 6, 2009

We're staging an Intervention...

After an unexpected event this morning we are being forced into gathering together to stage an Intervention..

The Intervention-ee (lol is that a word?)

His "Drug of Choice"

Tristan fueling his addiction

Our last straw and Jacob's "bottom"
This morning at 6:15am as my alarm goes off, just like it does every morning. I get up earlier than the kids so that I can shower and get ready for the day in peace. Well that all changed this morning. As I opened my bedroom door to walk downstairs and enjoy a cup of coffee before getting into the shower, Tristan greets me at the door. After a small fright and jumping ohhhh 5 or 6 feet in the air (you have to understand someone standing in front of me was the last thing I expected) he says "Mommy Jacob's in his room"... I say "well of course he is honey, its sleep time, go hop in Mommys bed and I'll be right back"... to my surprise Tristan says "No Mommy, he's not sleeping".
Hmmm I think to myself... I better see what's going on. To my shock and awe... there is my youngest addicted poor helpless child laying in the dark on his bed, under his blankets playing his NINTENDO DS... YES I SAID IT OUTLOUD!!! I said "ummm Cubbers, what are you doing?"...... his response..."I'm playing my DS Mommy, OK?".

Now mind you I have NO CLUE how long he's been laying in there playing his games. That DS was downstairs, so at some point he had to have walked downstairs and got it, then walked back upstairs, get back in bed and start playing. What the crap is going on here??? He could've been playing in there for an hour for all I know.

Have hope for us ... there has to be some hope out there!


Oterofamfour said...

ha ha ha! Been there!! Andrew and Evan go in spurts! They play it, they don't.....Evan always wants to take it EVERYWHERE! Drives me NUTS!! The other day instead of playing outside he wanted to play the DS, NO NO NO!! I took and made him play outside! And of course he had more fun outside (mommie knows BEST!) :) I am not strict when it comes to the video games but if I notice they play it ALOT I take it and make them do something else...thats when they are like can I play the playstation or Wii? WHAT THE!!? NO! Remember your toys? Yeah, those things in the buckets they miss you! lol I have to say it is a saver at the store when I have Evan and Andrew is at school then he will sit in the cart and I go as fast as I can!! That is too funny! I have been there!!!! GOOD LUCK! xoxo

Brooke said...

So funny. My oldest one has a video game addiction. He will sneak X-Box at every unsupervised opportunity. When we have hidden the controllers, he will rifle through our bedroom searching for them! He'll get grounded only to be caught setting his alarm for 3 am so that he can get in some extra playing time. He's 14. In my sociology class someone did a report on the affects of video/computer games and in my Philosophy class a student shared a paper about gaming addiction. I thought it was just me having a problem with it because we limit our boys video game playing, turns out it's becoming a very real issue. Kids running away if mom and dad shut off internet or stabbing mom because she got rid of the system. If you get a chance check out GREATEST FREAK OUT EVER 2 on YOUTUBE. It's the one with the living room window and computer desk to the right.