Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike Riding...

Well this all started last summer when we tried to get Tristan to learn to ride his bike with no training wheels. He seemed to be getting the hang of the idea but refused to keep it up. He was too scared, crying and throwing fits and all that loveliness.

Well Winter came and went and he was so sure as soon as it was sunny and warm he was going to ride his bike for sure!! Well for the past week John and I have worked with him here and there after work and after dinner but he would try for a few minutes, get tired of falling (which was his own doing) and cry and say "I just give up". So we didn't push it too hard. Well lastnight John and I were discussing what could we do different and I called my Mom for ideas and to see if things we were going through with him was "normal" or if I could try something different. She assured me all was normal for everyone else and so I just figured we'd keep trying.

Today we went on a playdate at a school friends house and had a great time. When we were closing to leaving time the kids older brother came home and started riding his bike... well Tristan thought that was pretty cool to see him riding through puddles and all over the place. So we got home and I told them we could stay outside til Daddy got home and started BBQing dinner.

Tristan went straight for his bike, got his helmet and pads on, walked his bike out of the garage and rode it down the flippin street! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? lol
I started yelling and hooting and hollaring and clapping for him, he was SO proud of himself! So the rest of the day we spent outside with him riding all over the street! He still has some steering issues (i.e. riding into the ditch) but overall he's gotten it, it clicked and he's doing amazing and we so insanely proud!!

Here are some pics of the boys from tonight :)