Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moving stinks....

So glad its not me thats moving! But I've been helping a friend the past couple days move into her own place. Now I remember why I hate moving..... I know she is probably thrilled everything is in the place, even though its not all set up yet..... its there!

I've also realized that March is a hugely busy month for us. I have 6 birthdays to remember in March! And with my memory, thats a massive task lol. But I did myself a favor and got one of those dry/erase board calendar things, I love it! I write down all of the birthdays, appointments, notes, everything!! It's wonderful. Everybody should have one!!!

I'm also making myself a list of things to do before my Vegas trip so that I can make John's life easier when I go. I'm going to attempt to have a bunch of meals made ready to cook so all he has to do is pop them in the oven, this way he won't have to worry about thinking up something to cook. Lord knows anything I can do to make our lives easier with two little boys, I will do! The boys make it pretty easy too though, they aren't horribly picky.

Alright all, its been a tiring Thursday and definitely time for me to go lay down and get some rest!

Here's to a Happy Friday!


Jody said...

Is my birthday one of the 6? :D it better be!!

Kristy said...

I agree...moving sucks!!!!