Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two days in a row, I'm off to a good start...

Well I made final decisions today for my "Mommy Trip". I'm going to Vegas alone. No husband, no kids. I'm not sure I'm ready but tickets are done so I've got to go either way. I know, as John always says, I need to take some "me" time and get a break but its hard. I've never been away from my boys and it upsets me to my core to even think about it right now. I know Mom and Sara will keep me busy and so I'll be fine, but I'm sure for at LEAST the first half of the plane ride I'll be the crazy crying lady lol.
I know the boys will have so much fun alone with John and having a guys couple weeks. I will be gone for just shy of 2 weeks. They'll have a blast I know.
Secretly I am a bit excited to only have myself to take care of too. Noone to wake up early with, nobody to feed, nobody to discipline, nobody to watch, only myself. It'll be interesting.

My day today has been pretty boring and I don't have much to say. The boys and I didn't even leave our jammies today :) Have a fabulous Tuesday !