Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Lunches

I need some ideas!!

The boys and I ran to the grocery store so that Tristan could pick some stuff he would like to have for his lunches for school. We decided 1 or 2 days a week we'd let him have lunch provided by the school because I was reading the list to him of what they were having and he wanted to eat some of the stuff they were making. So we decided each week we would look at the list and decide that week which days he would eat the school food.
Anyway, we got some little applesauce cups, pudding, things like that. Then we went over the to produce section and Tristan decided he wanted me to get him some broccoli so that he could eat it with some ranch with his lunch lol. And we got some other odds and ends.
Now I know sandwiches are the easy thing to do, and I can do a million different types of sandwiches and cut them in different shapes and such but I want to do other things too. I have a few ideas but would love to hear what everyone else's ideas are..
So bring 'em on!!!


The Pemberton Family said...

Okay I already did this once and for some reason it didn't post...I'll try again! My kids hate sandwiches unless it's an uncrustable and I hate those so we have compromised. We roll up turkey or ham pieces and they eat them with string bread!
Maddy really likes peanuts, too so I will put a little nut medley together with craisins or choc chips or something fun. If I can think of anything else- I will let you know. It's time to get creative again since school is here!! Love ya!