Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enjoying the beautiful sun

The weather here has been so amazing lately! We have 70 degree weather and its amazing. It's sooo warm!! Now when I lived in Vegas 65-70 degree weather needs a light jacket, but here in Alaska its warm, REALLY warm. I don't know why it's different but it is... and I'm loving it!

We have been spending every possible moment outdoors and I have the pinkness and many more freckles to prove it. Since Tristan's learned to ride his bike it's all he wants to do.

And SINCE we are loving all of our time outdoors I just don't have the "want" to cook dinner lol. I would rather stay outdoors in the sun and play :) So we've BBQ'd, gone to friends houses, anything that keeps us from doing the fun stuff lol. Luckily we had friends invite us over for a BBQ! They have a huge backyard with lots of trees to get lost in and lots of trouble to cause so of course we went... and brought the boys bikes. Plus, they live so close that its not a huge deal to pick up and go over there. We love spending time with our friends in Anchorage a ton but sometimes (and I know they're understand) that drive is annoying. We need a speed car system to make the drive like 10 minutes, that would be wonderful!!

Anyway here are some pics of our fun in the sun :)