Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

First of all I want to give appreciation for MY mother. I am the luckiest girl in the world and was blessed to be born to the best Mother of all time. If I grow to be half the Mother she is, I will be nothing short of amazing.

I had the most amazing childhood.. and have nothing but fun memories. My Mother made us girls her first priority making sure we were raised with great morals and values, while also keeping an open honest wonderful relationship with us.

I hope as my boys grow that I have the relationship with them that I have with my own Mother. I know I never kept secrets from my Mom and neither did either of my sisters. Now, I know there are times she wishes we didn't tell her EVERYTHING, lol, but I know that she is confident in our strong bond. When all 3 of us girls were teenagers (13, 15, and 17) we lost my Dad and my Mom had to take over as both parents... and the 4 of us have an amazing bond for bringing eachother through that part of our lives.

Momma, I love you more than you could ever even imagine... and I want you to know that aside from the silly part of the tattoo I got for you (because you hate tattoos so much) that the meaning behind that tattoo is very deep for me and I hope you appreciate that part of it.
Love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!


Ok now, as for my own Mother's Day... I had a wonderful relaxing day. My 3 boys woke me up with some wonderful Mother's Day cards then later in the day we took a beautiful scenic drive to the Wildlife Center, and then went out to dinner :)

Here are some pictures from our day :)


Oterofamfour said...

Happy Mommie Day! It looks like you had just as good of a day as I did!! BTW, your message to you Mom made me teary-eyed...touching! Oh, it looks like your pre celebration was fun too!!