Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary!

to me and Johnny boy!!

7 years ago today we were standing in a courthouse in Vegas with my best friend at the time Nichole... getting married while I was 4 months pregnant with Tristan... all we needed was Elvis to finish the "white trash" wedding lol. And John actually tried to talk me into it!! I decided not to do Elvis, but now, I kinda wish we would have just for fun. We don't have a single picture from that day, which is a shame, but I have wonderful memories of he and I and our little private marraige ceremony where I got so hot and nervous I thought I was going to pass out.

I love John today just as I did in the beginning plus way more. He is my opposite of everything but I wouldn't have it any other way... he completes me and balances me and I adore him completely.

We went out to dinner tonight at Benihanas of course and had a nice time. My friend Kristina (John has coined her his second wife cause she's always around lol) and her husband is out of town and she'd never been to my favorite restaurant so she came along. We had a great time as usual and enjoyed the food and we are stuffed to the rim!!

Here are just a couple pics...

We look like a polygamist family don't we? lol, the waitress was a bit confused whose anniversary it was and who should be in the picture ha ha ha... so she said "ummm everyone in the picture?" and we said "YUP"...

Then here are just some from home before we left (thanks for taking them Kristina)


erin marin said...

congratulations! my husband and i are celebrating our 7th anniversary next month. somtimes i cant it fels like its flyig by and other times it feels like its been forever!! hahaha!