Sunday, June 7, 2009


Growing up in San Diego until I turned 12 (when we moved to Vegas) was fun! We had a great childhood filled with lots of friends and family... beach trips, beach camp, and just lots of great memories.

One of the families we spent a ton of time with was the Watts. Thier oldest boys Todd and Walter babysat us along with the next youngest Eliot. We played with their girls who were all around our ages. Their family has 8 kids. I have good memories from their hour with our moms baking bread and making thier ribbons and bows for hair tyes, shoes, all kinds of things. This was 20 some years ago and I could draw thier house to the last detail probably today.

Well we recently got back in touch with some of them on facebook and I found out through one of the boys that Candace, one of the daughters, was moving to Alaska... and even more strange, to my same town! Well her brother gave me her number and I texted her offering help move or just a meetup at the park or whatever to make the move easier. I know how it is to move to a town and not know anyone. Well they came over for a BBQ last night. And it was so great. We kids are the exact same age, within a week for Tristan and her oldest, and a month with Jacob and her youngest. Our anniversaries we found out are 2 weeks apart the same year also. Well I invited my good friend Kristina and her hubby and kids over too and come to find out they all knew eachother and had people in common... what are they odds???
Anyway so all in all it was just an awesome night. It was so comfortable and normal and its been 18 years probably since I've even seen Candace.

Anyway I took a couple pics 20 years later of us now I'm going to have to find out if we have any pics from childhood lol.

Here are she and I and our kids playing, the kids had a great time!!