Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The latest of my medical fiasco's...

So... since last October I've been getting these horrid pains in my abdomen. They always hit in the middle of the night, I can't connect them to anything ever with keeping track of my food. I've been going to the doctors time after time, and arguing with them to keep testing even though all of the tests keep coming back normal.

Now as anyone who knows me, know that I am VERY non confrontational... very non aggressive (except when I've driven to it) so when they tell me they don't see much of a reason to test and just thats its probably something that will go away and nothing look serious I tend to just shrug my shoulders and not fight too hard... I'm not good at it and I get too frustrated and don't have the energy to get into a screaming match.

ANYWAY... fast forward to last week or so.. I saw a different doctor actually a nurse praticioner I think... and I convinced her to run a cat scan to see whats going on. She agreed along with blood and urine tests to test organ function etc. Anyway... few days later I find out all is well, nothing looked abnormal and so on. Well except a nodule on my lung we already know about and have ct'd every 6 mo to a year to check on anyway but everything else looked fine. So I asked, ok great... whats the next step. Then reluctantly they referred me one of the actual REAL doctors on base.

So yesterday was my appointment and WOW what a difference. This guy was amazing. He went and looked at my ct and came back and said "yeah everything looks normal.... except the nodule" and so I said whats the next step, this is excrutiating pain, wakes me up in the middle of the night etc, I explained it all. And so on Thursday he's doing a HIDA scan to finally rule out the gallbladder.... they've tested things on my gallbladder a million times and found nothing but it follows some of the gallbladder symptoms (but not all). Then he said if that comes back normal he's referring me to a GI doc, who will do an upper and lower scope... lovely, but I am happy about figuring stuff out. I'm happy someone is doing SOMETHING!

Oh and get this... I have also had bad problems having some majorly painful ovary area issue? They'd done some ultrasounds, exams, tests all kinds of crap and said I must've pulled a muscle or round ligament pain etc, nothing definitive... basically they didn't want to spend money to find out. Well the doctor yesterday said oh yeah also on your ct scan I see that you have some bad varicose veins in your pelvic area, pelvic congestion (cant remember the entire name)... and I said Oh yeah, can that cause pain? and he said Oh yeah it can... and I said I've been begging the docs here to find out what my pain has been in that area.... VOILA.... now how hard was that? idiots!! The area that I have pain in is exactly where they are...

Oh and one more thing.... I have had back issues for years...YEARS!!! I've dealt with it and just taken it easy, did some chiro stuff, did some physical therapy. All they've ever done is xray and told me I had scoliosis, but that it won't cause that type of pain. Ok then, what next... physical therapy of course (dumb). So I brought it up to the doctor yesterday and after the HIDA scan and results of that and getting me taken care of, we're investigating my back further, some more extensive tests.... I'm so excited to find out whats really wrong with my back. Its not "normal" for a 30 year old person to stand for 4 or 5 hours then not be able to hardly walk the next day.