Sunday, December 21, 2008

John's Work Xmas Party...

John's Xmas Party for his shop was last night. They held it at the Sheraton and it was beautiful! One of my girlfriends came over to watch the boys and it was fun for just John and I to get out together. They had awesome food there, I could've gone back for a few helpings but resisted ha ha!

They also had a musical chair scavenger hunt. For those who don't know what this is, its insane! For last night they had either one or two pair of dice on a table, and for whoever's chair it was sitting in front of, THAT was the person who had to go up and be the "player" for the table. Well of course with my luck, it was my seat. Well anyone who really knows me knows that this is something I would definitely NOT do. So one of the guys went up and did it. I am SO not an aggresive person and would SUCK at such a game. So anyway... there were a ton of people up there and they put 1 or 2 less chairs. So they call out an item, i.e. red lipstick, and they object is to get that item and get back to a chair. Now preferably your table will have the items......but that usually doesnt happen lol. So most times everyone who has the item will hold it out and people just grab it and run whether they know them or not. We got close to winning, I think our guy got down to the last 3 or 4 people. It was alot of fun.

Here are some pics from the night.... excuse my jacked up hair, I was having a BAD hair day lol. But John looks insanely handsome!!



On the way home (yes we were driving, I just told John the second to look)


Stacy said...

You both look awesome!

Oterofamfour said...

bad hair day? You both look fantastic~


Sami said...

You look really pretty and I like your new about me pic.