Sunday, December 28, 2008

John's Christmas Present...

Well... John is usually the "best present buyer of all time" just because he is so good at picking stuff. And he was just as good this year HOWEVER I have over taken the title for this year at least lol.

He has been wanting a big fat fancy camera for some time now but I just couldn't justify in my head spending the money that they require. The one he looked at was about $1000 or more, yeah uhhh no way Jose~!

Well I caved and got him the new Canon Rebel XS with a special monstrosity of a lens attachment. It's completely ridiculous, but he seems to really be happy, so that's all that matters. I will just stick to my little regular digital camera because I'm afraid if I attempt to use this one... I'll probably break it lol. So I'll pass, he can enjoy it all by his lonesome :) Plus I honestly do NOT see the difference in pictures from my little digital camera as opposed to this new huge expensive camera. Well he's been testing the setting and all the wonderful things this camera has to offer and so the boys, animals and I have been subject to his spur of the moment shots. Now I'm sure I'll get the comments now about how the camera takes much better pics and all, so I'll just say ok :) lol

I'll share the pics I have of him opening it (with his perma-grin) and then some of the pics that he has snapped with his new camera.

Love you babe, enjoy your camera, you deserve it!!

And here are some pics from his new camera.........

Now I do have to say with this one of the bubbles, its awesome, those bubbles move insane fast in our fishtank and he was able to catch them in a stand still moment with the camera, now THAT is amazing!