Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jacob's Preschool Performance!

Oh my gosh! His performance was adorable! The big performance on stage and all is this coming Saturday, but yesterday they did a little parent performance at the school. As most know, he goes to the same preschool that Tristan went to, which of course means Sequined Silver Vest time. Now for anyone who knows Jacob this will make complete sense. For those who don't know my sweet boy, it'll just be entertainment. Those closest to us and our family were taking bets on what Jacob would do for the performance, lol. The options were as follows:
1. Cry and run off stage
2. Cover his face and stand there but not dance at all
3. Scream outloud for everyone to stop dancing or to be quiet
4. Turn around face covered and put his back to the audience

Those were the things most likely to happen. Our poor sweet boy has a wee bit of an attitude and is extremely shy most times. So those two mixed? Not a good combo! TRUST ME!!! It's a good thing he is cute, it saves his life almost everyday.

Well to our pleasant surprise, the Silver Sequined Vest transformed our son into Mr. Dancer Boy. It seems as though the Silver Sequined Vest has special powers even beyond Jacobs attitude strength, and we were completely amazed. (for anyone who knows Jacob, you'll know the powers of the Silver Sequined Vest have to be Hulk-like to overpower the "personality" of my son. He is one of the sweetest children you could ever meet, but he is as onry as they come, not bad really, just onry). He walked into the room chest out, smiling and proud, looking for me waving saying "Hi Mommy, here I am". In my head I'm thinking who is this child and where is Jacob? The dance was completely adorable and he did AMAZING! See below for some pictures and the great video.

I love my boy......he is so dang cute!


Sami said...

That was so cute! I just auditioned for my school play Sherlock Holmes on Friday, The cast list comes out Monday morning so I am super excited! Jacob is so cute in his little dance! Way to Go Jacob! =D <3