Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh my heavens!

It's been one hell of a week!

Today was filled with fevers and vomit from both little boys. So as you can imagine, I spent my day doing laundry loads and making toast. They are feeling a bit better now, and hopefully it'll keep going in that direction. I don't think it could've gotten much worse for them today, knock on wood! They were in rough shape this morning, poor babies!!

I spend yesterday at Tristan's school for their Class Christmas Party. Jacob came along too. It was alot of fun! It was a PJ Party so we all dressed in PJ's and watched a movie and ate lots of yummy treats.

John and I went over to our friends house to have a BBQ one night. There's just been tons of stuff going on lately.
Anyway here are some pics of our life lately. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Jesse's special picture of the beer bottle

The guys being a bit tipsy and silly

Brenda serenading a couple of the kids lol

John and Jeanette wishing we would quit screwing around and play the darn card game ha ha ha

Me and Brenda

Tristan's school Xmas Party

Jacob and Lariah (his "girlfriend") she is the sister of a girl in Tristan's class. She and Jacob will be in Kindie together next year :)

Jacob taking pics of himself with my camera lol (he's so silly)


Sami said...

Beautiful pics! Ithink my fav is Tristins self portraite.
(sorry can't spall)

Erin said...

lol Thanks Sami. That was Jacobs self portrait though :) I'll forgive ya ha ha!!

Oterofamfour said...

That totally stinks the boys were sick! BTW, Jacob is learning from the master on self portraits!