Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just had to share....

We love Tristan's preschool Teacher, Mr. Clayton. He is awesome... very funny with the kids. And Tristan has more than once come home saying "Mr. Clayton is sooooooo funny Mommy...." and then goes on to tell me why he was funny that day.
He has a great sense or humor and is very sarcastic with the boys, and Lord knows thats about the ONLY way to survive in my house ha ha ha. So we figured if nothing else, Tristan would warm right up to that :)
Well I have to share something that Mr. Clayton sent home today that shows his personality so well!

Dear Parents,
Next Wednesday, November 26, our class with be having a pie party in the afternoon as our Thanksgiving celebration. I am looking for three volunteers to bring in a pie, one to bring in a can of wihpped cream, and another to bring in plates and spons. If you would be able to bring any of these items, please sign below and let me know. Looking back, the children all seem to like apple and pumpkin pie. Any child bringing in a pecan pie will be given extra credit as this is Mr. Clayton's favorite, but no pressure there. Thank you so much.