Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall has arrived!

How can it be fall already?

We, up here in Alaska, got JIPPED this year. We had no summer. Maybe a few days that hit 70 degrees if we were lucky, MAYBE a couple degrees higher. I kept hoping that maybe summer was just coming a little late, maybe it would sneak up on us and give us some really good days!!

But denial isn't working for me.... the trees everywhere turning yellow, orange and red, my backyard looking as if we are snowing leaves. I believe it's fall, I'm not happy about it though. Oh and not to mention the termination dust (a.k.a. snow on the tips of the mountains) that has graced us this week.

WHY OH WHY!!! I DO love the look of fall here, I really do, I just wasn't quite ready for it yet.

Growing up my adult life in Vegas... there is no fall lol. There is no "changing of the seasons", there is either scauld your hands on your steering wheel hot, or get freezing wind burn cold. If there is an inbetween "nice weather" day, its just that a day or two maybe. It doesn't last. So to actually see the seperate seasons since we've lived here IS a treat and really fun to see it all happen. So I am spoiled in alot of way to live here, and to raise my boys here.

But I'm still bitter about our crappy summer :( ha ha ha


The Pemberton Family said...

Come back to Vegas baby--it's still over 100 degrees here!