Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Friends!

I am so lucky!! I have the greatest friends in the world I think.

Today was my birthday and I had a ton of stuff to do with it being a weekday and John had to work and so I didn't have anything really "planned" for a birthday celebration.

Well one of my best girlfriends Danica called me the other day and put together a little gathering for me with some of my closest friends up here at her house. She ordered pizza and we all had our kids there. All of the kids played and we just visited. It was awesome, completely perfect. I needed to relax and kick back and it was so nice to do that.

She gave me the most beautiful ring too. It's call a "soul catcher" ring. And the explanation that came with it reads "The Soul Catcher is represented by a two headed wolf with a hole to capture a person's soul. Traditionally the soul catcher was a tube with a wolf head carved on each end. The Shaman wore this hanging from his neck. In healing ceremonies, the Shaman would use the soul catcher to capture a person's soul to protect it while they were healed."

I LOVE IT! It's basically a good health idea in the ring and its amazing!

So thank you to all of my friends for always being there for me, the ones who live around me here and the ones everywhere else. I love you all!

Here are some pictures of my ring ...


Noelle & Corey Flaa said...

your ring is beautiful!!!, Happy belated birthday, i am so sorry but i didnt know your birthday was yesterday - i hope you had a wonderful birthday and from the sound of it you did.