Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Potato Farm

This was Tristan's first Field Trip for school !!

We went to the Potato Farm. The plan was for all of us to go but Jacob got so sick that John decided to stay home with him and I went with Tristan on the Field Trip along with the class. A few other parents went and of course the teachers.

We left from the school about a half hour after school started... right about 9:30am. The farm wasn't far from the school so it was just a quick 10 minutes or so but Tristan thought it was AWESOME! He loved riding that bus with all of his friends. The parents couldn't ride the bus so we all just followed behind in our own cars to the farm.

First they took us through the area where they store and clean and bag the potatoes so show the kids how it was done. The guys working there were SO great with the kids... I was willing to bet they had small kids of their own. Then after our tour through that area, we took another short ride out to the field, where all of the kids were able to learn to pick the potatoes themselves! It was so cool! We each got a bag similar to a 10 lb bag you'd see at the grocery store. And we each got to fill out bag AND take it with us home!!! So between Tristan and I we got two FULL bags of potatoes to bring home and keep.

It was so neat to sit and pick the potatoes with Tristan too.... neat little bonding time for me and him.

Then it was time to go back to the farm for our lunch, well that is until the bus got stuck in the mud, ha ha! Such a long story in itself, but we'll leave it that the area has been rained on a bazillion times and I could barely get through some of the mud and water puddled areas with my 4WD on my truck. So we got the kids off the bus, took a nice walk and everyone ate. 2 hours later the bus was unstuck and we all got back to school!

It was a fantastic day.... there are a couple pictures below. A friend of mine I have made, whose son is also in Tristan's class took some pics, but I don't have them yet. I'll post them when I get them from her :)